Attractions Bellwald

  • Risihorn – hiking in the area of the UNESCO Park Jungfrau-Aletsch to the Risihorn (2876 m. above sea level.)
  • Sport and leisure facilities – offer a broad selection of possibilities in beautiful scenery.
  • Downhill – the 2200m long Downhill trail, on which each year at the beginning of october the season’s final of the IXS Downhill Cups takes place, inspires bikers all over Europe.
  • Old vilage center – the parish church and the original old village center with its typically sun burned houses and barns.
  • In Bellwald your children, but also you, have the great opportunity to get closer to these extraordinary animals.
  • Lecky-trail – Hiking trails: suitable for your dog to go out
  • Aspi-Titter Suspension bridge
  • Farytales Rabit-love, our story tells of the Häsin Bella who visits the hare Waldi in Bellwald, at 9 fairytale stations the visitors are taught in a child-friendly way how important the charity in life is.
  • Bellwald pump track, since Sunday, June 19, 2016, the largest pump track in Valais has been officially opened. The IG Bike Park Bellwald is now publishing a video on the creation of this new attraction in Valais. In just under two minutes you can follow in fast motion as the old tennis court was converted into a modern playground for everyone
  • Scooter experience
    The trottinetts are already waiting for you at the mountain station in Richenen, to take you back safely to the sports and leisure facilities on a fast ride of 6 km. With this fun, children’s memories and dreams are awakened. Enjoy the ride with a fantastic mountain panorama and through dense forest area. A real fun for big and small. The little ones are standing on the board at the parents’ front.
  • Step by step, sigh for sigh – follow the tracks in the snow … ..
    Bellwald is located in the cross-country paradise Goms. You experience the pure nature and the silence on our 5 km long Loipen. If you prefer a longer route, you can choose from Niederwald (accessible by train from Fürgangen station) from Loipes that are more than 80 km long.
  • Sledding through snowy forests, take the chairlift Richenen to the Mittelstation Fleschen. That is where tobogganing fun starts for young and old. After 6 km you will reach the valley station Richenen again.
  • Winter sports – skiing, snowboarding, Telemark and more
    Pulse snow, radiant sun – what more does one want?